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READ THIS DISCLAIMER FIRST, THEN CONTINUE TO PARTS ORDERING ONLINE AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE At Ural Northwest we try to give our customers all the information needed to make an informed purchase. Keeping this in mind, the online ordering section is a complete list of parts that IMWA has provided to us. We have included purchasing through PAY PAL as a convenience to our customers. However, we do not stock every part all the time, We do rely on IMWA to supply those parts that we do not stock, and we are backordered from IMWA on occasion for some parts. If you do not want to backorder a part on your online order, please tell us in the comment section of the ordering site which parts should not be backordered if unavailable and we will refund your money for those parts immediately, if applicable. Thank you for your continued support and understanding. PLEASE CALL US BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS SO WE CAN MAKE YOUR PURCHASE GO AS SMOOTHLY AS POSSIBLE.
Fig. 1 - Engine
Fig. 2 - Crankcase Cover: Oil Pan
Fig. 3 - Crankcase Cover: Oil Filter
Fig. 4 - Crankshaft
Fig. 5 - Cylinders and Cylinder Heads
Fig. 6 - Cylinder Heads
Fig. 7 - Cylinder Head parts
Fig. 8 - Camshaft and timing gears
Fig. 9 - Oil pump
Fig. 10 - Clutch
Fig. 11 - Clutch Release
Fig. 12 - Gearbox
Fig. 13 - Gears and Shafts
Fig. 14 - Reverse gear
Fig. 15 - 1WD final Drive
Fig. 16 - 2WD Final Drive
Fig. 17 - Sidecar driveshaft
Fig. 18 - Drum Brake Wheel
Fig. 19 - Disc Brake Wheel
Fig. 20 - Leading Link Fork
Fig. 21 - Steering Damper
Fig. 22 - Frame
Fig. 23 - Rear Fender
Fig. 24 - Fuel Tank
Fig. 25 - Handle Bars and Controls
Fig. 26 - Rear Brake Linkage
Fig. 27 - Exhaust
Fig. 28 - Tractor Seats
Fig. 28A - Bench Seat
Fig. 28B Sidecar Windshield and Mirrors
Fig. 29 - Air Cleaner and Carbs
Fig. 29A Luggage Rack and Side Covers
Fig. 30 - Electrical
Fig. 31 - Ducati Ignition
Fig. 32 Standard Sidecar
Fig. 33 - 2WD sidecar
Fig. 34 - Standard Sidecar Body
Fig. 35 - Retro Sidecar
Fig. 36 - Gear-up Sidecar
Fig. 37 - Tools
Fig. 38 - Brembo Hydraulic Brake
Fig. 39 - Drum Brake
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