Ural Accessories

HandWarmer Handlebar Hand Warmers
Come complete with instructions and sack.

ForkGaiter Fork Gaiters
Protect forks seals from debris on models with telescopic forks 2010 and up. Standard on M70. *Please note that these do not work on the ST model.

FogLights Ural Fog Light Set
Ural fog light set that was featured on the Yamal.

UtilityClamp Utility Clamp Set
Featured on Yamal. High quality utility clamp set complete with mounting hardware.

BranchPipe New Style Branch Pipes.
Sold individually. New style air box branch pipes now in stock. These replace the 3-piece system and will work will all models 2006 and up. *Please indicate whether you want the Left or Right Pipe **The older 3-piece branch pipes will now be for special order only.

SeatCvrCamo Seat Cover Forest Camo Corduro
*Tractor seat not included

SpareCoverCamo Full Spare Wheel Cover Forest Camo

SpareCoverBlk Full Spare Wheel Cover Logo

SideCarBump Sidecar Front Bumper Matte Black
*Standard on Gear-Up.

Tonneau Camo tonneau
This tonneau does not allow the use of a sidecar windshield. Please specify which model year.

coffeemugblackandred Ural Coffee Mug

heatedgrips Heated Grips
Keep your hands warm all winter long! Installation takes about 1hr.

customseatcover B&T Custom padded seat cover
Add comfort to your tractor seat without any tools! Nicely padded, durable, and classicly styled!

BTcustomengineguard B&T Custom Engine Guard
Now POWDER COATED!!! Redesigned to allow more room for shifting while still protecting your left cylinder!

oilcooler B&T Custom Ural Oil Cooler
Add life to your Ural by keeping the oil cooler. This cooler does not void your new bike warranty! Check out our test video that shows just how well this cooler works at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMznKEqGqPI. copy and paste this link into your browser. Comes as a complete bolt on kit that replaces your oil filter plug with a custom oil cooler that attaches to the existing crash bar. Requires Ural spanner wrench (found in Ural tool kit) and basic hand tools to install.

rideonsmallbottle Ride On Tire Protection
Copy this link to your browser to see Ride-On in action and learn more about it! When purchased for your whole bike and installed at our dealership you get 1yr roadside assistance and tire replacement credit(see this link for details) http://uralnw.com/RideOn/rideon.html

jetkit Ural Keihin carb Jet Kit
Kit includes 2 #42 and 2 #45 pilot jets; 2 #128 and 2 #130 main jets; and 8 allen head float bowl screws. Other jet sizes are available and can be substituted.

pilotjet Pilot Jets for Keihin Carbs
Includes 2 pilot jets. Please specify size. #42, #45, #40, #38

mainjet Main Jets for Keihin Carbs
Includes 2 main jets for Keihin carbs. Please specify size. #122.5, #125, #128, #130, #138

floatbowlscrews Float Bowl Allen Head Screws
Includes 8 allen head float bowl screws for Keihin carbs

chrometankbadge Chrome Ural Tank Badge
Price is per each. Please specify left or right. Top is left, bottom is right.

chrome2wdbadge Chrome 2WD Trunk Badge

roundtankemblem Round Tank Emblem

uraltanksticker Ural Tank Sticker
Available in black or silver, please specify

2wdtrunksticker 2WD Trunk Sticker
Please specify black or silver.

duroenduro Duro Enduro 4.00 x 19 Tire
Finally a new enduro tire choice for your Ural! Save $20 versus the Heidenau K37!

touchuppaint Ural Touch-up Paint
Finally factory touch up paint in an easy to use brush on container! 11 factory colors currently available. Please specify color. Colors available are: Black, Dark Blue, Woodland (patrol)Green, Maroon, Bosphour (2011 patrol)Blue, Off White (striped patrol), Olive (patrol T), Orange (2011 patrol), Grenadier Red, Silver (striped patrol), and White (patrol). Sahara, Flat Black, and Forest Fog (green version) now available too!

poweroutletadapter Power Outlet Adapter
Converts the European power outlet to a standard cigarette lighter plug. Perfect for 2010 and newer Urals.

quickdisconnect Fuel Line Quick Disconnect
Quick disconnect for the fuel tank crossover. Features dual shutoff for easy tank removal. Clamps sold separately.

rechargeableflashlight Rechargeable Magnetic Flashlight
Rechargeable LED Magnetic flashlight. We use these in our shop and they are GREAT! The magnet is strong and the batteries last days. They also have a hook if there is not a convenient place to hang by the magnet. Comes with 110v plug in charger and cigarette lighter charger so it is perfect for the trunk of a Ural!

russiangascancap Russian Fluid canister cap
Stock replacement cap for the Russian fluid can.

batterytenderjr Battery Tender Jr
Keep your Ural's battery at full charge with the automatic Battery Tender Jr!

mikunicarbflange Mikuni Carb Flange
Mikuni carb flange for the 750 with Keihin carbs. Far superior to the Russian rubber.

key3key Ural key blank
Please indicate which key your bike came with so we can send you the appropriate blank. Key A-1,B-1,C-1 show the 3 different keys that Urals have come with. A-3,B-3,C-3 show the corresponding blank that works with the factory key. A-2,B-2,C-2 show the places the locksmith will need to modify to make the key work. We have had all of these blanks cut by our locksmith so we know they work. Key B and C require a locksmith that has a clamp with 2 flat sides instead of 1 flat side and 1 angled side. Most reputable locksmiths have this clamp.

750manual2 Ural 750 Service Manual
Now with upgraded printing so the images are sharp and easy to read!

thumbdrive 750 cc Service Thumb Drive
This thumb drive contains both a digital copy of the 750 service manual and the videos previously sold as a cd set for 1 great price!

Manual Ural Repair Manual 650CC-EARLY 750CC

rev2wdshifterinstalled Reverse and 2WD twin stick shifter*
Engage 2WD and shift to reverse with ease! *For 2012 and older models

reversetankshifter Reverse tank shifter
Shift into reverse easily with this tank shifter!

twinstickshifter Twin stick forward and reverse shifter
Shift your gears both forward and back with your hands!

heidenau-tire 4.00 x 19 Heidenau Enduro tire
DOT approved knobby tire offers excellant tread life and even better traction! Back in Stock!!!

duro-tire1 Duro Tire 4.00 x 19
Aftermarket street tire that offers twice the wear of stock Ural tire.

4.00x18heidenau 4.00 or 3.50 x 18 Heidenau Tire
Excellant replacement tire for your Retro, BV Classic, or Red October! Also available in a 3.50x18 (slightly different tread pattern, same sidewall rating) Please specify which size you would like.

longskidplate Adventure Kit Engine Skid Plate
Now POWDER COATED!!! Newly redesigned to cover the entire bottom of the engine with a cutout for the drain plug! Mounts to the lower engine stud and crash bar bolt. DOES NOT FIT WITH DEEP SUMP OIL PAN.

heatblock Heat block
Insulates carbeurator from heat in the head. Sold each, 2 required per bike.

plexistar2 Plexi Star 2 Windshield

Spitfirelg.jpg Spitfire Windshield
Small, lightweight and compact clear windscreen that will fit the Urals and other model bikes. We are temporarily out of stock on this item. We are NOT currently accepting backorders.

FairingFF Forest Fog Ural Fairing
Pre 2014 colors will be available as special order only. Please specify green or gray version of forest fog.

FairingFlatBlk Matte black fairing
Matches Ural Raven, Arctic Gear-up, and "T"

gobifairing Gobi Gear up Fairing
Pre 2014 colors will be available as special order only.

bluewhitepatrolfairing Blue and White Patrol Fairing
Pre 2014 colors will be available as special order only.

FairingOrange Orange and Silver Patrol Fairing
Pre 2014 colors will be available as special order only.

patrol-green-fairing Green Patrol fairing
Pre 2014 colors will be available as special order only.

nato-gu-fairing Nato Gear-Up fairing
Pre 2014 colors will be available as special order only.

Fiirst-aid-box-green First Aid Kit Box (empty)
Now only comes with holes in the lid for the cross or piston and sickle(sold separately). Custom painting available call for details.

FirstAidC First Aid Kit Box (empty) - Chrome
Last one! only 1 available!

blackfirstaid First Aid Box (empty) - Black
Now only comes with holes in the lid for the cross or piston and sickle(sold separately).

UralPistonSickle Ural First Aid Box Piston and Sickle Metal Emblem
Dress up your 1st aid box with the piston and sickle emblem. Bolts in place of the cross, or drill your own holes. Can be mounted on the sidecar tub as well (drilling may be required).

UralCross Ural First Aid Box Cross
Dress up your 1st aid box with this cross emblem. Can be mounted on the sidecar tub as well (drilling may be required).

Canister Steel Canister with bracket NEW
Available in black or green, please specify color.

Ammo Ammo box - plain chrome

AmmoGreenStar Ammo Box- Army Green with Star
We are out of stock on this item and offering it only as a special order

Fuel Fuel Canister - Army Green
Also available in black, please specify color when ordering.

spoutforfluidcan Spout for Austrian Fluid can

blackrussianfluidcanister Russian fluid canister
Stock fluid canister. Very limited quantities. Custom painting available call for details

tachinstalled Tachometer
We now have tachs in stock!

throttle_lock Throttle lock / Cruise control

bezel Ignition Bezel

ebcpads EBC Brake pads
Replacement brake pads for the Brembo caliper at a fraction of the cost!

Plug Magnetic drain plug w/washer
For engine, transmission, and final drive

Petcock Automatic petcock

gearupnoserack Gear-up nose rack
Carry more gear on the nose of your Gear-up! Fits around existing spotlight. Also available without spotlight cut out, call for more info.

Rack Luggage Rack for Spare Wheel
Does not include brackets. See Fig 29A #6. Available in Black only

RackStamped Stamped rack, black
For rear or sidecar fender.

BenchSeat Bench Seat Stepped

Seat Luxury seat (set)

Floormat Wooden floormat
Helps passenger keep feet from slipping on sidecar floor.

Panel Velour side panel (set)

sidecarmirror Sidecar rearview mirror
available in black or chrome

FBCCanada Front bumper chrome (Canada)
Large diameter chrome bumper. Only available in black or stainless, call for pricing and availability.

armrest Sidecar Armrest (set)
Come as a set and fit all Ural sidecars. Pictured on a 2008 Retro

Mudguard Mudguard (set)

DeepSumpBlk Deep Sump - black
Sold seperately from the deep sump pick-up extension. Both are needed to work correctly.

Deepsump Deep Sump
Sold seperately from the deep sump pick-up extension. Both are needed to work correctly.

UralDeepSumpExt Deep Sump Pick-up Extension
Sold seperately from the deep sump. Both are needed to work correctly.

ToolBox Tool box gas tank

Denso Denso alternator kit